We help you attract new buyers by uncovering and communicating your greatest asset – the success stories of existing customers

Customers sell it best

  • Most prospects seek out and read testimonials/reviews when considering a purchase.
  • Prospective customers place higher value on the opinions and first-hand experiences of peers than on marketing materials and sales tactics.
  • A positive review significantly increases the trust prospective customers have in a business.

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A Unique Approach to Growing Your Business


Customer success stories are hidden treasures that frequently go uncovered or under celebrated.

We help find and articulate your customer successes, and map their stories to your solution offerings so you can sell more.


It takes precise navigation to help your existing customers stay on their desired path and steer clear of rough waters.

We chart a course to help nurture your customers, increase loyalty, and keep them raving about your business.


Shared with prospects, your uncovered treasures (success stories) become beacons of light pulling these prospects toward your solution.

Clear benefit statements and customized plans increase sales to both existing and new customer bases.

Discovering Excellence skillfully articulated the successes our clients were having with our solution. This has proven highly valuable in our marketing, sales, and retention efforts, as we’ve come to recognize the immense power of our customers’ voices.

M. Jason Morgan

Owner, Extractomatic

Val Lewis is a master at helping clients discover and articulate the value they derive from the solutions they buy! She has a unique ability to dig deep and uncover the hard to obtain and often elusive outcomes that our customers don’t always see in their own work. As a result, we are able to quantify return on investment in healthcare analytics through proven experience.

Deb Bulger

Executive Director of Strategic Programs, Change Healthcare

Valarie has a unique approach to uncovering details, transforming information and sharing experiences to craft an impactful narrative. These narratives have impressively captured the outcomes and successes driven from our analytics projects, which I have confidently presented nationally via webinars, user groups and keynote engagements.

Michelle Kannapel

Director, Business Intelligence & Financial Analytics, Norton Healthcare

Proven Record of Success

  • More than 20 years of experience in building partnerships and uncovering outcomes for clients nationwide.
  • Designed and directed all aspects of “Voice of the Customer” program, from sales and marketing to operations and management.
  • Collaborate with clients to identify, develop and optimize the success stories of their happy customers, supporting sales development and increasing lead generation.


We’ll chat about your organization, priorities and goals, and how Discovering Excellence can be your partner to help achieve them.


We’ll create a customized solution to nurture your current customers and attract and convert new ones.


Enjoy increased revenues as your customer success stories become your strongest and most efficient sales and marketing tools.

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